Well, I’m finally graduating to a real adult (read:  non-emo kid) blog!  Here, you’ll find me freaking out about the state of the museum job market (I’ll be getting my master’s degree in Museum Studies in December), whining about having to be free labor for a few more months (my program requires us to do several internships), pondering Washington, DC and all its crazy quirks (I LOVE this city), attempting to find an affordable studio or one-bedroom apartment in this city because my Roomie’s moving to Florida at the end of the month to work for Obama, and doing this crazy dance between Ikea-furniture-posters-taped-to-the-wall-mac’n’cheese-jeans-and-booze-soaked-nights-in-Adams-Morgan and real-furniture-framed-pictures-on-the-walls-using-my-stove-more-than-once-a-week-suits-and-cocktail-parties.

I like to pretend I’m a real adult…but I still own a papasan chair!  😉


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