Me vs. the DC Rental Market

So, as mentioned in my first post, I am currently in the middle of the infamous DC housing search.  I have an apartment right now (and one that’s quite nice, once you get over the absolutely awful particleboard kitchen cabinets), but it’s a two bedroom, and with the Roomie off to Florida at the end of the month, I’m not terribly enthused about holding on to the place.  Our lease is just about up (but we’ve been given the option to go month-to-month without a rent increase, because our landlord is amazing), so moving is a definite option.

My Roomie’s advertised around a little bit that her room’s opening up, just in case someone awesome happens to be looking for a place right now.  But so far not all that much interest–there was one girl who seemed like a person I could really get along with…until I found out she was 19.  Um, yeah, not so much.  Thanks, I’d like to *not* get busted for providing booze to someone under 21, thanks!  Boo.

And then this evening my Roomie mentioned that if she ends up coming back to DC after the election (she wants to work on the Hill, but she’s also considering law school), she’d be willing to be my roommate again.  We really get along *really* well, which is great because I know I’m not the easiest person to live with.  So yay!

This gives me extra incentive to look more into a building between Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan that I’ve been eyeing for a while–I can afford a studio apartment in the building (and it’s pet friendly!), and a two-bedroom in the building isn’t that bad either.  Which means that I might be able to get a studio for the time being, and then switch over to a two-bedroom if Roomie ends up coming back to DC.  The building is pretty no-frills, but it’s a nice old ’20’s building with gorgeous wood floors, decent kitchens, and it’s in a nice quiet area, but still close to the metro and shopping and all.

So, we shall see how this goes.  Nothing is really happening on the moving front until August, since I have to wait to get my last grad school stipend so I can afford a deposit and such (and to pay off my credit cards which are pretty high and probably hurting my credit score and all that stupid stuff they look at when you go to rent an apartment).  But fingers crossed!


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