Apartment Hunt Dilemma

So, I have a dilemma.

There’s one apartment building that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while that looks really amazing.  Old ’20s building, nice wood floors, amazing location (close to lots of things, but also tucked away and quiet), and the studio apartments have separate dining rooms and some have an enclosed sunroom.  But…I called today, and the ealiest any might be available would be mid-September (and even that’s a *maybe*–the building manager said to check back in early August to see if anyone’s given notice that they’ll be leaving)!  *pouts*

THEN, the other day, I discovered another studio apartment in a different older building.  It’s a little bit more (about $100 more), but it includes utilities, which is nice.  Now, I don’t know if the pictures that were posted with the Craig’s List ad are of the actual apartment (that seems to be hit and miss with the big apartment buildings), but the pictures look pretty nice:  wood floors, nice kitchen and dining area with black and white floor tiles (would look great with a bright red rug under my dining set!  :-P), and it appears to have a separate sleeping nook thing (so basically a Jr. one-bedroom).  The location is my main hang up about this place–yes, I’m a freak who doesn’t really want to live on Connecticut Avenue.  It’s so busy!  And loud!  I’ve gotten spoiled by East Capital Hill!  *more pouting*  And this place is available in early August.  Which means I’d either have to pay for both places for two months (OUCH!) or find someone to take over the last month or so of my lease on the current place.  Gah.

I’ve looked at both apartment buildings on apartmentratings.com (of course taking the reviews with a grain of salt–people with horribly bad experience are much more likely to post on such things that those who had decent experiences), and both buildings have similar “recommended by” percentages (both in the 60%’s, which seems to be about average, and all I can hope for in a building I can afford)

I don’t want to rush into place #2 (because if I want to grab it, I’m going to have to act fast, especially this time of year…) and then have something perfect open up in place #1.  But at the same time I don’t want to overlook a lot of good places just because I’ve fixated on one, and then move into place #1 and find that it’s not all I made it out to be in my anticipation.  *sigh*


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