So, I’ve been flailing about the last week or so, wondering what exactly this blog is going to be about.  I could babble endlessly about Washington, DC.  Or I could provide a window into the life of a newly-graduated Master’s Degree recipient (well, almost!), who has chosen to go into a field that will assure her poverty for the rest of her life.  I could ramble about my cats (who really are my children).  Or my often-eccentric coworkers.  Or life, the universe, and everything.

But then I lit upon an idea; it’s not new or at all novel, but it’s something I love, and something I’ll be focusing on quite a bit in my free time in the coming months:  decorating a studio apartment.  Making the transition from second-hand and Ikea furniture to “adult” pieces.  Actually having your own space to design, instead of having the living room just be a conglomeration of random pieces that belong to you and your roommate.  Yeah, interior decorating is the cool thing right now, but so much of it is wicked expensive, not things one can do in an apartment that you don’t own, or trying so hard to be modern and edgy (blegh!).  I like traditional, with a twist.  On a budget, and totally reversible, so I can get my security deposit back!

So, that’s what this blog will largely focus on.  I’ll haunt antique auctions, home improvement stores, Craig’s List, and the internet (and my own strange, strange mind), to find ideas.  And here you’ll get to see the progress, the catastrophies, and the flailing (trust me, there will be a lot of that!).  It’ll be fun!  😀

Though first I need to just find that lucky apartment…hee!


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