I Have Found a Victim!

I’ve been approved for an apartment!  It’s a large-ish studio, recently renovated, located right where Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mount Pleasant all come together.  It’s not exactly cheap, but the building and the apartment are gorgeous, and rent is pretty average for a studio in DC.

I will probably be moving in to the place this coming weekend.

This means that I need to start thinking about how I’m going to arrange/decorate the place!  I have a few pieces of furniture that are going to stick around (my wonderful wrought iron dining set–you have no idea how long I had to look for a dining set that was wrought iron but with a *wood* table top; most of them were glass!, my trunk/coffee table, the Ikea bedframe that I stained).  There are also a few pieces that are going to stick around for the time being, but that I’m hoping to replace (my papasan chair, the tiny folding bookshelves, the end table that functions as my TV stand because my TV is pitifully small, and the Ikea desk).  One major thing that is *not* making the move with me is my poor beat up red couch.  The flaming red was awesome for a while, but I’m ready to transition into something a little more neutral and utilize the red in another way.  So the couch will be given away, because it’s waaaay too beat up to sell.

As far as things I *know* I want to acquire, I know I want some sort of shelf for the huge bathroom (to compensate for the pedestal sink, that while gorgeous, is not so good with the storage space), a couch, a new desk, and a large see-though bookshelf to act as a room divider to partition off the sleeping area.  I want it to be see-though (without a solid back) so the room still feel open, and I want it to be large enough to hide most of the bed.  So far, the only thing I’ve found that would work is at Ikea (eep!).  So I my end up with some Ikea furniture, but I’m definitely staying away from the stuff that screams “My First Apartment”!  🙂

That’s all for now.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post “before” pics of the apartment fairly soon!


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