Of Course, I Can Never Be Simple…

I’ve fallen in love with this sofa:

It’s *only* $2,149.  Sigh.

I’d really, really like to get a Chesterfield-style sofa.  But they pretty much don’t exist for under 1K, and they’re damn hard to find in something other than leather (which I HATE for upholstery on a couch that will actually be USED) for any price.  Double-sigh.  I’m going to keep checking Craig’s List and such religiously, just in case something pops up.  I’d even be willing to reupholster something to get it cheap!

In other decorating news, I’m mostly moved into the new apartment.  The place is still full of boxes, but it’s liveable.  I’m refusing to unpack my books, because I’m going to be buying a new bookcase soon anyways (and a friend of mine has expressed interest in my old bookcases), so I’ll unpack them then.

And I’m debating what kind of shelf I want to get for my bathroom.  There’s a huge space between the sink and the bathtub which is perfect for some sort of shelf…and that’s good, because there is pretty much no storage in the bathroom, since it has a pedestal sink (which means no under-sink storage!)  I just can’t decide what kind of shelves I want!  I found some for wicked cheap on Target.com, but I feel like shelves with doors might be a better bet for me, since I’m a gigantic slob and the more I can hide my messes the better!–and I found this one on Overstock.com, but I’m not in love with it either.  I don’t really like the wicker look, but I love the wrought iron!  Gah.

But at least I’ve found one thing that I’m *definitely* getting:

Because while my new kitchen has pretty amazing cabinet space, the drawer space is sadly lacking, and I’ve got a metric ass-ton of cooking utensils!


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