Poor Grad Student’s Progress

I have found a couch!  It’s not a Chesterfield, but it’s similar, and still very antique in style.  And it’s actually in my price range!  No pictures yet, just because I’m paranoid that it’ll sell out before I can afford to get it.

But, since I have a good idea of the couch I’m going to have, I’ve been looking at additional furnishing pieces.  The room-divider/bookcase that I’ve been searching for has been giving me fits, but I think I’ve settled on something a little lower than I was originally thinking, which will let the apartment be a little more open.

Originally, l had been thinking of my style as either being southwestern/mission or rococo/victorian.  Now I seem to have found something inbetween.  Being the history nerd that I am, the style remind me a lot of the Regency/Empire/Federal period styles.  Clean, straight lines, but still a little more carved and decorated than the Arts and Crafts mission style.  It’s a perfect happy medium, it seem to be fairly easy to find, and it works well with the sofa I’ve found!

I’ve also started thinking about window coverings.  The apartment came with plain white blinds, but I’d like to cover those up a bit.  I don’t want anything too heavy, because the apartment is just too small for that!  I had pretty much decided on a sheer, when my quasi-goth tendencies came to the fore, and I got the brilliant idea of black lace curtains!  They would look great with the red velvet of the planned couch, and would also look good with the black shag rug I’ve been contemplating.  But of course, *black* lace curtains are next to impossible to find, so it’s looking like if I do go ahead with this idea, I’ll be making my own.  Not that this is a bad thing, because I do love sewing…and it’ll save me money!  Yay!

I also have some DC row house pictures picked out to print out and frame for decoration.  I think they’ll be fun, because most of them are wicked colorful, and it will provide a good contrast to the red and black of my main pieces!  And I can make pillows for the couch, to incorporate other colors with the red!

Yay for ideas.  Now I just need to find a real job so I can afford all of this!


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