Making a House a Home

First of all, the amazing red couch I found?  JCPenny has it in tons of other colors! *drools*  So now I’m debating:  red couch with black rug, or gold couch with red rug?  Or even gold couch with black rug, and add red in with accents like a small chair or something?  Aaaaah!  So many choices!

I’ve also ordered several lavender plants for the balcony.  I had a couple of lavender plants at my old apartment, but their scent was WEAK (as in, undetectable!), so I didn’t feel like digging them up and bringing them to the new place.  But I suppose that’s what I get for buying my plants at Home Depot!  😛  My basil, on the other hand, *is* coming to the new apartment, even though it’s an annual, and will be dead in a couple of months!  The plants are finally getting big after their run in with some Round-Up earlier in the summer that killed off about half the plants!  Whoops!  I may also bring along the rosemary, because I never seem to use it when I have it, but as soon as I don’t have any fresh available, I come across a recipe that calls for it!

Also, I finally got my parking permit for the tiny little lot behind my apartment building (it’s an older building, so no underground lot or anything fancy like that)–yay!  So now my car can live here in Columbia Heights, instead of staying at my old place in East Capitol Hill (aka the bloody opposite end of the District!)!  🙂

Okay, off to bed, because I have to work both tomorrow and Sunday, and then I’m helping a friend paint her bedroom in her new townhouse on Monday.  And the crazy radical labor unionist in me wishes you all a very wonderful Labor Day!  😀


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