Plans Get Even More Ambitious

So, in the time since my last post, the amount of furniture in my apartment has *decreased*.  I gave my old Target bookcases to a friend, in the hopes that getting rid of them would force me to buy new bookshelves.  Instead, I’m just enjoying the emptiness that is my apartment right now.  It looks like shit, and I’d never want to have anyone over with it looking as it does right now, but there’s something refreshing about only having a bed, a papasan chair, a trunk, and a desk in your entire living space.  It reminds me of my first apartment here in DC!  😛

Anywho, JCP gave me quite a scare over the weekend, when the price of the couch that I want jumped up $200 on their website.  Luckily, it has since come back down!  Eeep!  While I will hopefully be able to afford a $600 couch in the near future, an $800 one is simply out of my price range!

And remember how I was going to use a bookcase or something similar to divide the “bedroom” area from the “living room” area?  Well, I’ve pretty much given up on finding something that I really liked, and decided that since this really will be a major design focus of my apartment, I really need to have something that I *really* like.  So bookcase et. al. is out, and fabric wall is in!  I’m thinking of hanging a panel of fabric on a rod from the ceiling at the foot of my bed, and when I have people over or want a more open look, I can pull it back like a curtain.

Speaking of the bed, I’m thinking I’m going to get a new bedframe also.

Specifically, this bedframe, a newer style from Ikea.  I like that it’s the back wrought iron look, but also clean and simple.  I’m finding that wrought iron can get far too frou-frou very quickly in my little studio.

And I think this chair would go quite nicely with the couch I plan to get…we’ll just ignore the fact that it’s $700.  Maybe I’ll win the lottery in the next couple of months…  😉


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