The Holding Pattern Continues…

Well, not much progress on the decorating/furnishing-my-apartment front.  The job I’d been hoping for in my previous post didn’t materialize (I wasn’t terribly qualified for it, and wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyways!  :-P), but I now have part-time contract work for the Library of Congress, which just about covers rent, but doesn’t leave any wiggle room for things like furniture!  Boo hiss.  So applying for more jobs…

In the meantime, I’ve rearranged my apartment.  Though it’s a studio, I really want my sleeping and living spaces well-divided.  I had initially had my bed *right* inside my front door (so you practically tripped over it coming in!) so that my “living” space could be near the windows and the door to the balcony.  I’ve now switched things, so my bed is near the outer wall of the apartment, and the living area (such as it is right now) is near the front door.  I’m afraid that once I get either curtains or a screen to hide my bed, it might limit the light in the living area, but seriously, how often am I even at home during the day?  Not much!  SO I’m hoping it won’t really matter.

I do wish my apartment was just a *tiny* bit wider.  My bed and bedside table are just a little bit too wide together for their new location (if I want to open the door to my balcony on gorgeous fall days like today!), so I’ve ordered a new bedside table that is narrower.  I also want to get this bedframe once I have more employment (yes, it’s Ikea, but I like that its nice simple lines…and BLACK!  :-D)

Also, I REALLY need to get a bookcase…having boxes of books all over the apartment is getting really old…


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