Most people (whether you know me in real life or just through this blog) wouldn’t really think of me as someone who likes the color white much.ย  My friends give me a hard time about how I hardly ever buy clothing that isn’t black, and a lot of my furniture is at least somewhat black.

But see, I can like white!


1. Rain Through Laced Window, 2. Dresser, 3. Antique Hotel Corbel, 4. i love this chandelier., 5. Snow white, 6. This is not a black and white photo!, 7. WHITE ON WHITE (So Far 293 Views! 67 Unique And Cool People Count This Photo A Favorite. Thank You!), 8. Buffalo’s mysterious Woman in White, 9. White bedroom + striped canopy, 10. White (wall decor), 11. Cafe Battle: Blue V White, 12. White Armchair, 13. white.door.decor, 14. black-white-home-decor, 15. vintage white milk glass candlesticks, 16. Urchins, 17. Walldecor, 18. Modern neutrals: Round mirror + black + white + decorative mantle, 19. White Metal Plate, 20. {lie still my heart}, 21. Liv Chic Collection by Hilary White Interior Design, 22. Staircase, 23. Dining Room, 24. Thrift Store Shelf


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