Pink is another one of those colors that you don’t really think of when you think of me.  In fact, I hated pink for most of my life and would run screaming from anything that bore that color!  But now I’m warming up to it, and I even own a pink easy chair and ottoman (thank you, Craigslist!)


1. pink bedroom, 2. pink gadgets, 3. pink white and purple, 4. Dark pink waves, 5. pink and wood walls, 6. pink chair, 7. pink and green bird, 8. pink table setting in Casablanca, 9. Sherwin-Williams White Dogwood: Pink bedroom, 10. Pink Bathtub, 11. red&blue, 12. Pavilion Fashion Rock n’ Roll Hotel, London, 13. pink dresser, 14. Pink Leopard Print Fabric Covered Outlet Cover, 15. pouf pink, 16. Lush Pink Roses Mosaic Washstand, 17. Untitled, 18. Pink dining room: Glidden Checkerberry, 19. Haven, 20. Pink bedroom in Park Slope: Marble fireplace + modern art, 21. Pink peacock desk, 22. Pink Lamp, 23. Vintage Pink Kitchen Decor, 24. Suzani Bench Fabric


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