Still alive!

Yeah, it’s been forever since I last blogged.  It’s not that I haven’t at least been *thinking* about interior decorating stuff…it’s just that my two jobs are eating my soul right now, and I still don’t have any money to actually put those thoughts and ideas into reality.

But every once in a while, I do splurge.  I was at Ross today to get some more work clothes (because hello 90 degrees in late April in DC!), and I can never resist at least taking a look at their home dec. department when I’m there.  Most of the time, the stuff is pretty eh…but occasionally I strike gold.  CHEAP gold.  This time in the form of a $20 black full size blanket!  Even the black blankets I’ve been eyeing at Ikea are almost $50, so I was wicked excited to find this one.  It’s nothing fancy, just a nice black microfleece.

It sure would look awesome with the pink and white polka-dotted sheets that I’ve been eyeing at Target forever.  They’re only $24, but I already own 3 or 4 sheet sets (in yellow, burgundy, and one or two in dark blue…basically the three different decorating schemes I’ve gone through since living in DC–about one a year!  :-P).  Maybe they’ll bounce over to the clearance aisle at some point!

Also, I’m thinking that I’m going to paint my bedframe AGAIN.   I’ve had the Ikea Dalselv bed since I moved to DC, and last year I finally broke down and stained the natural wood.  That project didn’t exactly go as planned, because I was aiming for a reddish-brown, and ended up with a brownish-reddish-orange.  In other words, eww.  So now I think I want to paint it white.  I have a table and two chairs (also from an Ikea run when I first moved to DC) that are also natural wood that I’d planned to paint glossy white, so while I’m at it, I figured I could also repaint the bedframe.



  1. did you need to sand or prime before you stained the bed frame the first time? i’m going to get this frame and definitely want to stain or paint it…

    • I didn’t sand the frame before staining it (if you were being really particular about it, you might want to sand, but I think it’s turned out fine without it…and you might want to make sure it doesn’t have any rough edges or anything), but I did use a pre-stain wood treatment, which is recommended when working with soft woods, and this bed frame is pine. If you decide to stain it, I would definitely say to go with a darker stain then you think you’ll want, because mine turned out much lighter then I thought it was going to, and a friend of mine who also has this bed frame had much better luck with a darker stain!

      I still haven’t gotten around to re-painting it (still planning to go for a gloss white when I get to it), but I’m definitely going to sand the stain down before doing so, and I’m still debating to prime or not to prime…we’ll see how lazy I’m feeling!

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