Look Ma, a New Name!

So yes, it’s been forever again, and this time I return with a new title for my blog.  A new title to go with my NEW JOB!

Yes, it only took me 6 months from the time I finished grad school until the time I found a job in my field (museums!).  I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t just applying for museum jobs–I was applying for anything that I thought I had ANY shot at all of getting.  This may or may not have included one or more office jobs with the IRS (yes, I was that desperate!)


But a museum job finally came through!  And it’s not just any museum job–it’s at a small historic site (I vastly prefer small museums to large ones–one of my part time jobs the past few months has only served to reinforce this!) of which I’m pretty much going to be IN CHARGE!  The site is also currently barely a museum–it’s only open to the public two days a week and only in the summer, it has no mission statement, no collections management policy, no interpretive plan, and no exhibits!  So I’m pretty much going to be starting from scratch!  Oh yeah, and this year is the bicentennial of the construction of the site!  Ack!

AND!  The site is about an hour outside of DC, which means that *GASP!* I’m going to have to move out to the suburbs when my lease is up in August!  I’m looking at Vienna, VA right now, because it would cut my commute in half, but still allow me to be metro accessible.

So, with all these changes going on in my life, I decided that this blog needed a little change!  I’m thinking that I’m now going to focus it on my misadventures as the  site supervisor of a tiny historic site, and as a first-time ‘burb resident!  There will still be plenty on interior decorating stuff (especially now that I’ll actually have the money to put my plans into action!), but it will also be mixed in with museum nerdery and me vs. the ‘burbs (seriously, I’ve never lived in the suburbs before!  I’ve always been in a small town or a large city!)

And the awesome, but also sad, thing about this new job?  I’m going to be working about 4 days a week (it’s just shy of full-time), which is far less than my average of 6 days a week from the past few months, while making about TWICE what I’ve been making in the past few months with two jobs.  Augh!  But yay!


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