Since I’ve finally decided on a long-term plan and theme for this blog, I figured I should actually introduce the crazy characters who will be filling my entries:

-Me:  Mid-twenties museum professional (and I can now really say that, because I HAVE A REAL MUSEUM JOB!  No, I’m still not over the glow of my new job…give me a few more weeks, or a couple of run-ins with the resident crazies  :-P) who is now the site supervisor of a tiny historic site; native of southern California who grew up in a tiny midwestern town; graduate of a tiny New England liberal arts college and large DC private university (both thanks to COPIOUS amounts of financial aid–anyone around here who assumes that only rich kids go to private colleges and universities will get bitch slapped, because that’s JUST NOT TRUE /soapbox); lover of anything history-related; wine and coffee snob; all-around fashion whore; and crazy cat lady…

Which brings me to my two babies:


-Maximus (usually goes by Max or Moose):  My giant man-cat, who’s 17 pounds of kitty love; he loves pretty much anyone and anything (except for the vet, and getting his claws clipped), will eat anything that’s edible (and many things that really aren’t), and loves spreading himself out to take up as much space as possible; I got him from a shelter, but I’m pretty firmly convinced that he’s at least part Chartreux, because he matches almost all of the characteristics of the breed perfectly (except for the intelligence part–poor Mr. Max is as dumb as a brick)


-Lizzie:  My little baby girl (even though she’s the older of my two cats by several years, she’s about half Max’s size, so she’s the baby); she dislikes other cats and all humans except for her Mommy; she loves days when Mommy gets to sleep in because that means lots of snuggles in bed; she likes to pretend that she’s very graceful and dignified…and then she’ll go chase her tail in the bathtub.

Other Characters:

-My Historic Site (or, the Wee Historic Beastie–a hundred points to anyone who gets the reference):  A tiny historic site in Northern Virginia, on the far outer edge of the DC suburbs; it originally dates from around 1809, but many changes have been made to the site since then; the site is open to the public on weekends in the summer; it also currently BARELY qualifies as a museum, with no mission statement, no interpretive plan, and no collections management policy…oh yeah, and did I mention the bicentennial of the site is this year?  Yeah, I have a lot of work to do!

-My Friend A:  She got me my old part-time job from hell (it wasn’t her fault it was the job from hell!); she works at the same large historic site that the job from hell was at, but she likes working there because she has a half-decent job; she is also awesome and generally makes me feel like a huge slacker, but I love her anyways!  😛

Other Secondary Characters Who May Appear:  C, my “boss” at my new job (he oversees the region that my site is in for the overall organization that runs it); J, my old boss at another small historic site, who is largely responsible for me getting my new job; the Car (yeah, I don’t actually name my cars…well, aside from The Bright Aqua Piece of Crap on Wheels, which was my car in high school, and was in fact both aqua and a piece of crap  😛  The current car is a black 2001 Honda Civic–it’s a perfectly nice car, just massively overdue for maintenance…); the Sleazy Ex (no explanation needed); Crazy Reenactors (both Civil War and Revolutionary War era–I know a lot of them, and will probably be working with some of them through my new job); the Upstairs Neighbors Who Have Really Loud Sex at Strange Hours (like 11 in the morning on a weekday–they’re only going to be my upstairs neighbors until August, and they’re really totally quiet besides the sex); and an assortment of friends, mostly from grad school, who all have their quirks, but are totally awesome!


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