The Melancholy of Change

It’s finally starting to sink in how much my life is going to be changing in the next couple of months.
I spent the day with my friend A, and we drove out to the Wee Historic Beastie, and checked out some of the disgustingly cute little towns around it (the area out there totally reminds me of the cute little towns in western Massachusetts where I went to college), and went shopping at Tyson’s, and bumming around Vienna/Fairfax looking at possible places that I could live out there.

Wee Historic Beastie
Stopping by the site today meant an awkward introduction between myself and M, the guy who’s been in charge of the operation of the period machinery at the site.  Now, this is awkward, because he also applied for the site supervisor position.  He’s been operating the machinery on site for visitors on the weekends for like 6+ years, and he’s old enough to be my father, but he has no formal museum training or museum experience beyond this one site.  So it’s wicked awkward for me to come in, this 25 year old kid who’s just out of grad school, and suddenly be in charge.  I really want to utilize his experience and knowledge, and get his ideas and input for the direction of interpretation and programming at the site, but it’s still really hard.  I just want people to like me!  😦
Also, the Vienna/Fairfax area seems nice enough, but I think it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m going to be moving out of DC.  This does not make me happy.  I love DC with a passion, and it’s going to be really hard for me to adjust to living in the ‘burbs.  I know a lot of this is all in my frame of mind going into it, and I should be trying to look at is as positively as possible, but I have been!  And it’s still freaking me out!  But there’s no way I could commute an hour each way out to the Wee Historic Beastie from the District long term, so in taking this job (and it’s not like I have any choice to NOT take this job!), I’m committing to moving out of DC.  It makes me extremely sad.  😦
So all in all a nice, but also melancholy, day


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