Day #1

(My camera’s out of batteries, so no random photo with this post…sorry!)

Anywho, first real day at the Wee Historic Beastie.  It was good, it was bad, and it was ugly (me, with the hems of my slacks tucked into my socks while jumping around on an almost-washed out river bank…wheee!)

The Good:  Dude, I have a desk!  And a computer!  And I’m IN CHARGE!  And I get to write an interpretive plan and develop exhibits!  😀

The Bad:  I seriously feel like I’m going to be spending a lot of time attempting to untangle messes left by the previous supervisor or that have arisen in the months since that individual retired.  The guy who operates the site on the weekends was apparently largely kept out of the loop by the previous supervisor, so I’m trying my hardest to be more open and cooperative.  And then there’s stupid things like WTF is all the shit on the computer that is now mine?  And why does no one know what the passwords are to log on to the computers?  *headdesk*

And there are some things I would like to get working on–like contacting other historic sites in the area–that I can’t do anything with until other things (that are done at HQ) are done–like getting my email account set up, or getting us some petty cash for small expenses (like batteries for the wall clock).  I want to hit the ground running, but I’m being held up waiting for other people to get around to doing things!  (Yes, yes, yes, I know, this is just how things are at any sort of organization…but I’m still going to whine about it!  :-P)

Also bad:  I-66 during rush hour.  Even though I’m going in the opposite direction.  Argh!  I am SO looking forward to moving out to Vienna now, because that leg of the commute is going to get VERY old, VERY quickly.

BUT!  I’m finally encountering my very first REAL.  MUSEUM.  DILEMMA.  (Yes, it is really sad that I’m *excited* about this!)  The dilemma is trying to decide where to put any exhibits that I would come up with.  We’re not going to be able to afford fancy climate-controlled cases, so that’s a push in favor of putting exhibits in the office/gift shop building, which has heat and a/c.  But if I get the gift shop reopened, there really won’t be enough space for BOTH.  And there’s plenty of space in the interpreted historic building–but that one doesn’t have any heat or a/c (which is not only bad for any objects I might use, but also would make people less likely to spend time looking at the exhibit if the temperature is uncomfortable!)  But in the end, am I even going to be using any objects that would really NEED the climate control? (yes, collections people and conservators are probably frothing at the mouth right now!)

And just as an aside, if I do get the gift shop back up and running, we are NOT going to keep selling cheapo kids polyester Union and Confederate soldiers’ hats.  That’s not exactly the best match for our average visitor.  Also, I freaking HATE those things!  (Nope, I’m not a history snob at all)

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