I Haz a Desk!

AldieMill2 001See?  It’s pretty awesome, huh?  (Actually, no, it’s pretty average…but it’s MINE!  Seriously, this is the first time that I’ve had a desk that I have not had to share, or have been only at temporarily!)

Things are still plugging along at the Wee Historic Beastie.  The weekend went well, and M was amazed that I was perfectly willing to work weekends (apparently all of the supervisors before me were Monday-Friday people, even though the site is only open on the weekends!), and help him open and clean up and close the site!

Also, I’m still attempting to nail down just what I want to do first!  There’s the on-site office that could be restored to the way it looking in the early 20th century (we have a photograph from the ’20s or so), there’s glaringly modern things that could be replaced with slightly less incongruous items and props that can be placed around inside the building to make it look more like it would have when it was operational, there’s the former gift shop space that could be turned into exhibit space, or returned to it’s gift shop usage, or a little of both (which is what I’m leaning toward right now), there’s an interpretive plan that needs to be written, and a collection of *stuff* that needs to be gone through and cataloged and some of it accessioned…and a friend’s group to re-establish and a volunteer corps to reinvigorate…and, yeah, have I mentioned that I have a lot to do?  😛

Scarf 002And on a totally different note, look at my pretty new scarf!  Yes, I bought a scarf in JUNE.  But pretty!  Seriously, you have no idea how long and hard I’ve been looking for things in bright pink and black houndstooth!  If I could find this in an upholstery fabric, I would totally make a slipcover for my lonely little easy chair!  *loves*


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