Gift Shop Road Kill


M:  I figured out what our mystery creature was!

Me:  Oh?

M:  Pretty much all that was left was a perfectly preserved raccoon tail!

Me:  Awesome.

(Background:  the day before as I’d been pulling up to the Wee Historic Beastie, I saw one hell of a smashed road kill right in front of our parking lot.  Nothing says “Welcome to our museum!” like bloody animal bits smeared all over the road out front!  :-P)

In other news, I’m plugging away at the interpretive plan, which is forcing me to nail down what I’m going to do with the space on the 1st floor of the office building that used to be the gift shop.  Right now I’m thinking half gift shop/half interpretive space, to give more background on the history of the area and more of the social history that kind of gets lost on the guided tours of the site, because the little old men love to talk about the mechanical stuff!  I’m also going to order some new things for the gift shop–especially books!  The only books I can find from the old gift shop stock are COOKBOOKS!  WTF??  *flails*  We need some real history books ASAP!  Also–magnets!  (That is the one thing that is always asked for at the gift shop of the small historic house I worked at, that they don’t carry!)

For the interpretive part of that space, I’m thinking wall panels, since we really don’t have that many objects that we know were used at the site, and maybe one case for the couple of real original objects that we actually have.  Also, it’s a lot cheaper to get wall panels printed at Kinkos than to buy lots of new cases!

And I am already so over this commute!  Can I move out to Vienna now?  Also, hearing people complain about cars getting broken into near the Vienna metro station just makes me laugh.  I’ll take the risk of my piece of crap car gtting broken into (and I’m not stupid enough to leave anything of value in it!) over having to hear about another person getting shot or stabbed in the middle of the day near my current metro station!  *rolls eyes at suburban pansies*

Crazy Tomato Plant

Also–my crazy-ass tomato plant!  Seriously, it’s growing in two different directions (horizontally along the ground, and up, like it’s supposed to!)  It looks totally pitiful, but it’s flowering, so it’s trying to produce tomatoes!  *fingers crossed*


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