My Love-Hate Relationship


I have a love-hate relationship with the organization that runs the Wee Historic Beastie.  It’s a regional parks organization, so most of the sites it runs are campgrounds or pools or golf courses or the like, and the Wee Historic Beastie and the small historic house that got me my job there are really the only two historic sites.  This is nice, because it makes us special, and buffers us from a lot of the economic troubles that have been facing a lot of historic sites and museums (especially recently), but it also sucks some times.  Like the time at the small historic house that the curator and director found a period object that the friends board wanted to buy in honor of the recently-retired director.  We were all thrilled that they had been able to find something so quickly, since it was a very specific object they were after!  The administrator from the parks organization wanted to know if they had shopped around and compared prices to get the best deal.  *facepalm*  We’re talking about a two hundred and fifty year old object here!  There are few, if any, other objects like it out there!  That’s not the way acquisitions work at a historic site!  This is a prime example of one of the problems with the regional parks organization:  the people who work for the main organization don’t have a clue about historic sites.

And then there’s me and the Wee Historic Beastie.  There’s been an art show at the Wee Historic Beastie every year for the past decade or so.  This year, between the old site supervisor retiring and the regional parks organization going back and forth on whether or not they were even going to hire a replacement (and finally hiring me), planning and implementation for the art show is way behind schedule.  The regional parks organization wants to get another arts organization to take over administration of the show, but they waited until around the time they’re hiring me to get serious about it.  This leaves very little time for a new organization to come in and get the show ready for this year!  So, unsurprisingly, the arts organization is saying that they’re not going to have time to put a show together for this year.  But I had offered to give it a try and at least throw something together for this year, just to keep it going (and it’s great publicity for the site since it’s an incredibly popular show!) and then hand it off for next year, but that was apparently not even considered as an option by the regional parks organization.  *headdesk*  So now it looks like there’s not going to be an art show, and it’s going to look like the New Girl dropped the ball, even though it was beyond my control!  *frustrated flailing*


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