Stumpy the Impaled Black Bear


(No bears were actually impaled in the writing of this blog entry…but I am enjoying the game of combining all the topics of each post into the title, while making the title have nothing to do with the actual entry content!  :-P)

-Stumpy:  there are two new stumps on the grounds of the Wee Historic Beastie.  One was a tree that was only a few years old but was pretty much totally dead (thanks to some jackass who pulled a bunch of the bark off of it!), and the other was this nice huge old tree that was in front of one of the original buildings on-site–apparently there was a threat of the tree’s roots getting into the foundation of the building, so it had to come down.  This decision was made before I was hired, so I had no say in it–but of course, I’m the one everyone’s coming to and demanding to know why the tree is gone.  Apparently it was a popular tree.  Or people in small towns hate change.  *shrug*

-Impaled:  almost impaled M on the American flag (pole) while we were getting things set up for opening this morning.  😛  He figured it was better the American flag than the “open” flag, which was in my other hand.  😉

-Black Bear:  M saw a black bear cross Rt. 50 this morning.  HOLY FREAKING BALLS!  Apparently they’re pretty rare, but there are some around (he said that occassionally there will be notices posted in the town post office letting people know one’s been sighted.)  Have I mentioned that I work in the sticks?

Unrelated to my post title, went to Whole Foods for the first time in forever after work today.  It’s so nice having a real paycheck again!  But I forgot how amazingly plebeian going there makes me feel.  I’m sure it’s all in my head, but I feel like there’s this huge and noticeable gulf between me and the well-manicured soccer moms and painfully-hip 20-somethings who make up most of their customers.  I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to get past the fact that I didn’t grow up comfortably middle-class, as did most people in the personal and professional circles in which I now move…  But mmmmmmm, fake bacon!

Also, Max is currently draped across my bed pillow.  There’s another pillow right next to it that I don’t sleep on and that gets more sun, but no, he has to pick the pillow I sleep on.  My kitties shed on me because they love me.  😛


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