Oh Yeah

…I have a blog.  Where I write about my historic site.

So, things have been a bit busy, to say the least!  I’ve magically started working 6 days a week again, though this time for two jobs I enjoy and only temporarily (until the end of the month)  I’m helping fill in for people on vacation at the Historic House that got me my current job, while still doing 4 days a week at the Wee Histoic Beastie.

Things are going fairly well at the Wee Historic Beastie.  Was totalling out YTD numbers for visitation to see how we were doing in relation to the goal of 900 (up from an average of 500 in past years)…and discovered that we’ve had 852 people through the site so far this year!  And we’re open for almost 4 more months!  That’s not too shaby for a tiny historic site that’s only open two days a week from April through November, is out in the middle of nowhere, and has only the most tenuous connections to anyone of any fame.  Yay!

Also, I HAVE A NEW APARTMENT!  Well, it’s a condo that I’m renting from the owner, and it’s not mine until the 1st of August…but yay for the owner being willing to let me pay the security deposit in two installments!  It’s in Vienna, VA, which means that it’ll cut my commute in half, while still allowing me to be easily metro accessible!  🙂  And it’s very pretty for a modern building (I generally prefer older apartment buildings like my current one)

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