There’s This Condo…

…in Vienna.  And for the next year (at least!), it’s MINE!  I even have the keys, though I’m not going to start moving in until Wednesday, since on Tuesday it’s getting the thorough pre-new tenant cleaning.

I’ve already started thinking about things I’d like to do to it, since I do plan on settling down there for a few years (probably as long as I’m at the Wee Historic Beastie).  The door to the juliet balcony needs a screen (I found a retractable screen that would work great…now to see if I can talk the landlord into paying for it, or taking the cost of it off my rent for next month, since it’s an improvement that any future tenants will surely appreciate!)  I’d also like to get a nicer shower head for the shower, which just has the builder’s standard boring thing in it right now.  I’ve never lived anywhere that had a really nice showerhead (even growing up, my parents weren’t exactly the types to splurge on some silly thing like that), and one of my few complaints about my current place is that the water pressure and spray from the showerhead BLOW (I have really thick hair, and even when it’s not long, it takes FOREVER to rinse out!)  So I’m leaning toward this showerhead.  I’d also like to at some point replace the god-awful ugly standard white track lighting in the kitchen and dining room…but I’m a bit worried as to how hard that would be!  I’d also like to replace the ceiling light just inside the front door–it’s also hideous!

But really, overall it’s a very nice condo.  I just want to make it more “mine”–since, like I said, I plan on staying there for a while, and everything can be put back to the way it was before when I move out, if the landlord doesn’t like my changes!  🙂

blue door

And on the Wee Historic Beastie front, it’s breeding.  Well, no, my historic site is not so much having children (that being just a bit impossible), as it is getting an adopted sibling.  The organization that runs the Wee Historic Beastie is acquiring another historic site very close by, and they plan on putting ME in charge of that one also.  Eeeep!  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will at least mean I’ll get bumped up to full time hours.  And maybe that would include paid time off!  Oooooh!  😛  I’m also going to need new business cards soon, because the ones I just got only have the name of the Wee Historic Beastie on them–I’m soon going to be the supervisor of TWO sites!  😀

Also, I could seriously write a book on all the funny animal-related things M says!  Recently, he mentioned that we have bats in the main historic building:

M:  I don’t mind the bats themselves, since they eat the mosquitos…I just wish we could put diapers on them so I didn’t have to keep sweeping up their droppings!


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