Condo 013(The view from the juliet balcony of my new condo–yay!)

Lacking in yay:

-On the phone with my mother yesterday, discussing the younger guy one of my friends is dating:

Mom:  So, is he out of school?

Me:  Well, he’s out of high school…

Mom:  O_o

Yes, my friend has managed to be a cougar at the age of 25.  She has mad skills–I alternate between being sketched out and being highly amused.  😛

-The a/c in the office of the Wee Historic Beastie is out.  This is the a/c that, according to M, was installed in APRIL.  I’ve been working from a nearby coffee shop, but this will be tough to do long term, since I DON’T HAVE A REAL LAPTOP (My personal laptop has ceased to be a laptop, because the battery no longer charges, the mouse-track pad thingy has stopped working, and the keyboard has also stopped working…so yeah, it doesn’t so much travel.)

-Apparently there are people in the area near the Wee Historic Beastie who want to have a statue of a certain Confederate guerilla (who was active in the area) placed in one of the traffic circles that are being put in along the road out to the WHB.  First of all, VDOT: they’re called ROTARIES (points at self:  New England Snob!).  Second of all, Virginia Drivers: LEARN HOW TO FREAKING DRIVE ON THEM.  Thirdly, *facepalm*.  If this movement ever gets off the ground, I will not be supporting it, nor will I allow either of my sites to be used to support it.  Yeah, my undergraduate advisor was Dr. Charles Dew.  Any questions?  I am going to be so unpopular…

-It is supposed to feel like 100 degrees tomorrow.  And I’m moving most of my stuff tomorrow.  Ack!


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