Herding Cats


I’m pretty sure that my job title needs to be “site supervisor and old-person wrangler”

Also, the A/C in our office at the WHB is out for the second time in as many weeks.  *headdesk*

And I still have one last load of odds and ends to get out of the old apartment.

The cats, though, are LOVING the carpet in the bedroom of the new place.  This means that I’m really going to have to buy a vacuum soon…

Who is SO looking forward to having three days off come Monday?  Who is SO NOT looking forward to starting her work week with a budget fight on Thursday (it’s just a “meeting”, but I know I’m going to have to fight to get M as many hours as he needs to have to make sure the WHB doesn’t fall down around us)?

Have I mentioned that I hate August in Virginia?  *flails in the heat*

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