Target v. Target


So, I’m normally a the-closer-it-is-to-a-city-the-better-it-is type of girl, but I have discovered my one exception to this rule:


Yes, the store.

So, I normally go to the Target in Chantilly at the intersection of 50 and 28.  It’s location is kind of strange, being set pretty far back from the road and not at all well marked (I refuse to admit just how many times I might have driven past it in my early attempts to locate the store that claimed to be there!  :-P)  But it’s nice and large, and it’s almost never crowded–and I’ve gone during the day AND in the evening after work, both weekdays and weekends (because remember, I work on the weekends–ahh, the joys of the small museum!)  It’s just always a pleasant shopping experience (especially for a Target, which is rather pleasant to begin with)

One day last week, though, on my day off I needed to grab a few things, and didn’t really feel like driving all the way out to that Target, so I decided to just hit the Fair Lakes one, since it’s closer to where I live.

Ack.  NEVER again.  First of all, it’s smaller.  Second of all, it was OVERRUN in the middle of the day on a weekday!  I don’t even want to think about what it’s like at 6pm or on the weekend!  Also, parking was a nightmare because the lot is not that big (and there are a bunch of other stores very close by, so everything’s a little crammed in) and at least 75% of the vehicles in the parking lot were minivans or SUVs.  And a majority of the time, people who drive large vehicles do not know how to park them.  Argh.  And inside the store it was BACK-TO-SCHOOL CHAOS!!!  Small children running everywhere, gaggles of high school girls wearing far too little clothing, and mommies pushing carts overflowing with everything Junior really doesn’t need for his new dorm room.

I understand that the back-to-school craziness is a part of this time of year.  It’s why I refuse to go anywhere near an Ikea until at least late September (even though I’d really like a shoe rack and a rug!).  But the Chantilly Target is NEVER that crazy!  I just went today on my way home from a meeting (at the end of this meeting, I got a dozen farm-fresh eggs, 6 ears of corn that I got to pick off the plants, and three tomatoes!  Sometimes my job rocks), and while there were a hand-full of people doing the back-to-school stuff, it was nowhere near the madhouse of the other Target.

In summation, Chantilly itself might creep me the hell out, but its Target is made of win!

(And on a totally unrelated note, the picture at the beginning of this entry is of a pillow cover that I just finished–for a total cost of $0.35, for a skein of black embroidery floss because I couldn’t find any of mine!  Everything else–the ratty old gold-colored pillow that I’d had forever, the hot pink fabric that I got a few weeks back from a friend, the black and white felt, and the rest of the notions–was stuff I had on hand!  Yay!  Now I just need the money to get a couch to PUT the awesome pillow on!  :-D)



  1. Before moving out to Fair Oaks, I lived in Alexandria and visited the Target on 7 in Falls Church. That one was horrible. The location is bad, the people are bad, it’s just ick. When I moved to Fair Oaks, I was pleasantly surprised, but as the boyfriend and I started going on weekends more, it has shown it’s true colors. It is packed, but being only 5 minutes from my apartment, I’m not complaining!

    • Ah yes, the Rt 7 Target…while I was living in the District (back in the day–aka two years ago–when DC didn’t have a Target), that was the one I’d go to. And what’s really weird, all of my friends hated it, but it never bothered me all that much!
      And I am totally jealous of you being 5 minutes from *any* Target…I have yet to figure out why there isn’t one between the one on Rt 7 in Falls Church, and the one out in Fair Oaks! SO I end up hitting the one in Chantilly, since I drive right past it going to and from work! 🙂

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