The Small Things

I FINALLY GOT A PAYCHECK THAT IS NOT GOING TOTALLY TO RENT AND BILLS!  Oh my god I can’t remember the last time I had a small chunk of disposable income!  *loves it*

I put at sizable dent in that disposable income with a Target run this afternoon–stocking up on all the things I’d been putting off for the past few months while I was broke.  The kitties will be SO happy when they discover next time I refill the litter boxes that they no longer have to deal with the crappy Arm and Hammer litter (I don’t get it–I love A&H detergent bc it’s cheap and works great, but their cat litter?  SUCKS)

I also bought some little rubber mats for in front of the litter boxes so the kitties don’t track litter all over the apartment (I’ve been finding it in crazy places lately)  The two mats were originally one gigantic one that I cut in half, because there was only one in stock in an awesome black and white stripe, and at half size they’re perfect to catch litter!  Yay for color-coordinating the litter box mats with the rest of my decor!  😉

In Wee Hisotric Beastie news, the text and images for my interpretive panels for the “visitor center” have gone to the designer!  We are going to have awesome laminated full-size proofs in time for the local harvest festival on October 17th!  Yay!  *happy flail*

One of the images that I wanted to use, though, is giving me fits.  It’s an advertisement that the owner of the site put in the newspaper in 1822 looking for someone to rent it.  We have two different copies of the newspaper page that the ad is on…but NEITHER of them includes the important information of WHAT PAPER IT’S FROM!  *kicks*  So I figured that the copies had come from the local history library, so I went there this morning, and with the help of one of their staff people (who was absolutely WONDERFUL!), attempted to find the actual newspaper, so we could include that rather important bit of information in the panel.  Well, we both assumed that the ad was from the local paper called the Genius of Liberty, only to discover that the library’s collection for that paper only goes through 1820.  *facepalm*  I went ahead and checked the 1822 issues of the next nearest newspaper, but it wasn’t there, and the ads were all in a slightly different format, so it’s not from that paper.  Apparently the University of Virginia actually has a couple of issues of this paper from 1822, so that’s where I’m checking next (by email…no way am I driving all the way to Charlottesville just to see if they happen to have the mystery issue of the newspaper that I *think* is the right one).

Fun fun.

And now I have to run to drop off some forms at HQ and pick up my Costco card (it’s only for work stuff though) before everyone leaves for the weekend.  *shakes fist at people who actually have 9-5, Monday-Friday jobs*


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates Arm & Hammer litter. I was totally shocked. I mean, come on, it’s ARM AND HAMMER, it should be good! Fresh Step is the way I roll now.

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