I Have Found Love!

Well, at least I’ve found an air freshener I love!  I live in a small one bedroom apartment with 2 cats, so you can imagine how tough it is to keep the place smelling nice!  I’ve tried just about everything under the sun as an air freshener, and nothing’s really worked that well.  Most things I’ve tried, be they candles, or plug-ins, or whatever, are great for a day or two, and then either stop working or get cloying.

But this new seasonal scent called “Warm Celebration and Pumpkin Harvest” from Febreze?  AWESOME!  I don’t know exactly what “Warm Celebration” is supposed to smell like :-P, but whatever it is, I love it!  I love that it’s two alternating scents, and it’s perfect for getting me into a fall mood!

(And no, Febreze is not paying me to rave about this air freshener!  ;-))

In totally unrelated news, if you go to Mount Vernon in the near future and see the guy who portrays G. Washington’s (slave) valet Billy Lee, tell him you love his coat!  I just finished making him a new summer-weight livery coat (completely hand-sewn!).  I just dropped it off this evening, and he’s wearing it for an event tomorrow!  Eeep!  I’m not 100% happy with it, but dude, I MADE A LIVERY COAT FOR FREAKING MOUNT VERNON!  O_O

And coming soon:  My Apartment Wish List (a list of the [realistic] things that I want to get for my apartment in the near future)

Have a good weekend for me!  (*I* am spending the whole bloody weekend working…blegh)

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