My Condo is on Crack

Overheard at the Capitol Visitor Center Visitor Services office:  “This is where the magic happens!  Next to the trash can, behind the door!”

(No, I don’t know what “magic” they were talking about…and you over there, get your mind out of the gutter!  :-P)

WeirdApartment 001

Sometimes I’m pretty sure whoever designed my condo was on crack.  Like why on earth would you have the bathroom door open out into the hall if it then blocks the doorway into the bedroom, and there’s plenty of room in the bathroom to have the door open *IN*?

WeirdApartment 002

And then there’s this beautiful arrangement (yes, that’s sarcasm you hear dripping) looking back toward my front door.  Yes, that’s molding along the top of the wall that just STOPS.  In this photo, to the right is the dining area, and to the left is the kitchen.  I get that they didn’t want to have the molding in the kitchen…but seriously?  Continue it the three feet across the bump-out that houses my mechanical closet.

And that light?  Doesn’t go with ANY of the other lights in the condo.    It’s hideous, and doesn’t match anything, either color- or style-wise.  So random!  And so ugly!

Don’t get me wrong–overall, I really like the condo (even if it *IS* in the suburbs), but there’s just those few things that make me go WTF?  😛


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