Another Exciting Evening in the ‘Burbs

The Wee Historic Beastie is making me want to bang my head on things.  Between I-Hate-Being-In-Charge and the Wee Historic Beastie being the Wee Historic Beastie, I’m seriously going to go insane between now and October 17, which is the town’s kitchy “harvest festival” thingy.  I’m also using the event as a bicentennial celebration for the site (the main building was completed in 1809), and as an unveiling event (opening?) for my revamped visitor center, complete with new interpretive panels.

Wee Historic BeastieLuckily, this photo is from a while ago, and the orange plastic fencing and construction equipment are gone!

I alternate between being really freaking stoked about these being pretty much my first all-me, totally independent “exhibit” (even when I was in charge of the transcription labels in the Library of Congress’ Lincoln bicentennial exhibit, it was still largely doing what either the curator or the head exhibits person said), and being wicked scared.  When I explain to people what I’m doing with the space, I generally get one of two responses:

Museum People (and my parents, because sometimes they’re really awesome):  That’s such a great idea!  It’ll be a wonderful addition to the site!


Local Residents:  *blank stare*  …But what about the gift shop?

Me:  *headdesk*

(There used to be a gift shop in the space I’m using for my interpretive panels…the gift shop was closed before I started, and I have left the option open to reestablish a gift shop, but it’s not my highest priority right now)

Also, I do the strangest things for fun.  So, in college, I took several art history classes…and by “art history” I mean Mesoamerican art with a heavy dose of anthropology and history.  I *loved* the classes, but had no interest in traditional western art history (thus the not being an art history major!  :-P).  In one of the classes, we were studying Mayan glyphs, and as our midterm, the professor had us compose a “story” about our families and our lives (when and where we were born, where we lived, what we did growing up, what our parents did, etc), all written in Mayan glyphs.  It was quite possibly the most awesome assignment I had in college (right up there with getting college credit for making a quilt…yay crazy New England liberal arts colleges!), but for some reason, I didn’t save the final product.  So, because I’m crazy, I’ve decided to make another one!

I will freely admit, I have extremely strange taste in art.  While I was working at a large history house, I was always annoyed when people would look at the original mid-18th century portrait of the famous man’s wife and say “that’s an ugly painting!”  I LIKED it!  I like quirky, colonial 18th century art!  I also find Mayan art and glyphs incredibly aesthetically pleasing.  I don’t know what it is, but I love that stuff!  So, I’m thinking that once I get this crazy glyph project finished, I’m going to frame it and use it as decoration in my condo!  😀  I think I’ll hang it right next to my framed print of a painting of the surrender at Appomattox (which ended the Civil War)  😉

Also, I have another interesting idea for a crafty decorating project…the only problem is that I have none of the supplies that I need!  But at least they’re cheap–once I have a better idea of how money is looking this month, I might stop by Joanns or Michaels to grab the stuff I need…and I’ll have to drag myself out to Ikea for some frames!  And no, I’m not going to tell you any more than that!  😛


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