Non-Decorating Wish List

I am mildly obsessed with structured, retro looking purses.  And my awesome patent purse that I’ve been using for the past year is on its last legs (yeah, I kind of abuse my purses)

I also lovelovelove chunky high-heels (though they’re probably not the best look for my chunky legs, but I’m a clutz, and stilettos + me = disaster).

Bootie + buttons = wicked shoe-lust!

Chunky heel AND lace-up detailing?  Yes please!

My personal fashion comes through pretty clearly in these items:  heavy retro ’40s and ’50s influence with a wee bit of victorian and liberal use of black!  My friends have refered to my look as “sexy librarian”, because I’ve been known to pretty much live in pencil skirts and cardigans.

But dressing for work at the Wee Historic Beastie is difficult, because when we’re open to the public, I have to look professional, but also be ready to get dirty/dusty and climb around in the old buildings and slog through mud.  And when we’re not open, it’s hard to justify looking nice when I’m sitting in an office by myself for days (this will get even worse when we close for the season at the end of November, and I may not see another living person for 3 months)

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