I’m a Glutton for Punishment

LiveryCoat 005

So, I’m making another livery coat for Mount Vernon.  This time it’ll be a wool, winter-weight one.  Red and white wool in the weaves and weights I’m looking for (hi, accuracy nerd!) are proving a bit more difficult to come by, but I’m going to give the G Streets a shot tomorrow (It’s my day off, but I have to go out to drop off the interpretive panel files to be printed, and to put in the order for “birthday” cake at Costco), just in case.

I am apparently getting paid “a bit extra” for the first one, because they were so happy with the finished product.  I definitely low-balled the price I asked for, so I’m definitely happy about that.  I just don’t know how much “extra”–I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it’s all that much more.  But hopefully I’ll finally get paid in the next week or so!


Also, I just realized that I’ve had my underwear on inside out all day.  I win.  😛


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