Curtains, Curtains, Curtains!


I spy a Moose butt!

This is a horrible picture, but it does give you an idea of the myriad issues with my current cutain arrangement in my bedroom.

When I moved into the condo, the boring white plastic blinds weren’t even installed (they had been taken out to repaint, and then not rehung)–I eventually got them back into place, which was quite an adventure because these windows are extremely deep set.  I’m not a fan of the blinds (does anyone actually like those things?), but they block some light and give me privacy, so they’re good enough for a place I’m renting.

But note the “they block some light.”  Because I have a crazy work schedule, I get to sleep in most days (yay getting to set my own schedule, but boo only getting paid for 30 hours/week!), and the amazing amount of light that comes pouring in through these windows makes that rather difficult.  I’m totally a night person, so I like being able to sleep in, and being woken up at 7am by the sun makes me grumpy.  😛

So, I need to do something about these curtains.  They were left behind by the previous tenants, and are currently a dark dusky blue, almost too short for the windows, not wide enough, god-awful ugly, and do you see the curtain rod?  Yeah…it’s got issues.

I know I want to put in a white curtain rod, to tie in with my soon-to-be-painted sewing table, chair, and bed frame (yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve been saying that I was going to paint this stuff forever), but I have no idea what kind of curtains I want!  There are a few limitation imposed by my lifestyle and the room:  first of all, I have a black cat and a grey cat, so white curtains in any form are out (the kitties really like those nice deep window sills!); second of all, the bedroom is rather small (it’s about 11′ x 12′), so I don’t want to get really dark, heavy curtains, or anything too ornate!  Also, the bedroom colors are white, black, and hot pink (like my living room!).

Some looks I’m considering:

Black sheer

Pros:  light, simple, hides cat hair

Cons:  light (won’t block much light)

Lined hot pink

Pros:  blocks light!

Cons:  I’m not sure that I’m ready for that much pink (I’m envisioning it more as an accent color)

Lined Black

Pros:  blocks light!

Cons:  mightbe too much for that little bedroom, and make it feel too much like a cave.

I’m also not opposed to making my own curtains (did you see that sewing machine in the pile of crap in the first picture?  :-)), but I’m not having a huge amount of luck finding a nice fabric either–I would like something with a rather light, but not quite sheer, black fabric with a small white or pink design embroidered or printed on it.

I need to stop being so damn particular!  😛

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