Food001Totally unrelated to the rest of this post, but KITTY IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET! (Yeah, Max is pretty freaking cute…and he knows it)

Because I’m not full-time, I am usually out of the office Monday-Wednesday.  When I’m back to work on Thursday, there’s almost always a pile of totally wacky mail (I appreciate the regular Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, but why are they being sent to an historic site?  And then there’s all the mail that’s addressed to my predecessor, or the organization that used to run the Wee Historic Beastie…), and a bunch of random phone messages (most of which are telling me about how I can refinance my mortgage :-P).

But today?  One piece of mail (a Bed Bath and Beyond ad), and no phone messages.  *boggles*



    • Awww, thank you!
      Yeah, my cats are really good at finding just what I *don’t* want them to be laying on…especially if it’s warm (like clean clothing just out of the dryer, or my pillow!)

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