Inspiration Picture Dump

(Love the table of one color and chairs of another)

(Love the drama of boldly-colored walls, and I really want some sort of upholstered bench at the foot of my bed…but I don’t think my bedroom is big enough in its current configuration…)

(I am totally on a missmatched dining chairs kick right now!)

(Totally digging the grouped wall shelves in the place of a bookcase…but that will probably have to wait until I actually own a place–that’s a lot of holes to have to fill in and paint over when moving out!  :-P)

(This makes me miss the molding and faux-paneling in my old apartment all over again!  When I finally manage to buy a place, at least one room is *totally* getting the white molding/faux-paneling on a darker colored paint treatment…and maybe a bathroom with bead-board walls…)

(P.S.–DC-area people:  you can now BUY in the building I used to live in [it was a condo building while I lived there, but they were just renting the units until the housing market got “better”]…I totally loved the building, and it was SO FREAKING GORGEOUS…but the units are selling for an arm and a leg!)

All of the above pictures grabbed from Coastal Living.

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