The Joys of Apartment/Condo Living

Don’t get me wrong–I have no desire to ever live in anything that doesn’t share a wall with a neighbor (like a condo/apartment or a townhouse).  But my current bedroom arrangement is just not working.

ScannedImageThe problem is the wall that the head of my bed is up against (the top of the sketch).  That wall I share with my next door neighbor–I don’t know if it’s their living room or bedroom on the other side of the wall, but either way, I know they have a TV against that wall.  A TV that they have on until after 1am regularly.  They don’t have the TV turned up loud or anything, but with the paper thin cheapo wall construction, I can hear it through the wall because my head is right up against it.  That, added to the fact that I tend to have insomnia, means that I have not been getting very much sleep recently.

So, I’m thinking about moving my bed to another wall of the bedroom.  There aren’t a huge number of options for room arrangement because this is not a large bedroom (it’s 10’x11′).  And yes, those windows that you see in my little sketch are in fact that off-center on the wall.  Which makes it difficult to put the bed against that wall.  And the windows come down quite low (the sills are only about 18″ off the floor, which would create a problem with my headboard…though I wouldn’t mind changing the frame at some point…), and the part of that wall that doesn’t have the windows isn’t wide enough for the bed.  And the wall opposite the windows is mostly taken up by the door to my closet, which means the bed can’t go there either.

So the one option is the wall opposite when the bed is now (against the wall between my bedroom and living room–so no worries about noisy neighbors!).  I’m not so hot on this spot, though, because then you can see pretty much all of my bed from the kitchen, looking right down the hall into my bedroom.  Eh.

Any bed-placement recommendations?  Or other thoughts on what I could do to lessen the noise impact of living in close-quarters?

One comment

  1. How about taking the door off your closet and hanging a great curtain in its place? That way your clothes are still concealed but it opens up that wall as a potential for your bed? I did this in college to give me more room and it worked great!

    Or perhaps this is the perfect reason to make your own headboard?

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