Sorry it’s so quiet around here right now.  I just finished a brief stint working four jobs (the Wee Historic Beastie, the Small Historic House, helping out a local Jewelry Designer, and making a winter livery coat for Mount Vernon…ack!)  Luckily, the livery coat is finished, so now only three jobs for the next few weeks!  But I need the money and like keeping busy, so I can’t really complain!

I also had my first school groups to come to the Wee Historic Beastie this past week, so that was craziness, but it went well all told.  And the kids were actually overwhelmingly pretty cute (this is shocking coming from me, because children normally drive me up the wall after about 30 seconds)

Because of the period of working four jobs, regular daily life things like cleaning got pushed to the back burner, so I’m also trying to get my place cleaned up and get caught up on all the things I’ve run out of in the past week (like cereal, allergy meds, and the fancy juice I like–you know, important things like that  :-P).  I managed to get the kitchen cleaned this evening, which reminded me how much I really want to get a shelf next to my washer and dryer for detergent and such.  But I’m not sure that I want the focal point as you look down the length of my kinda-galley kitchen to be a shelf on the wall with laundry dtergent and dryer sheets sitting on it…  Gah–I’m so bad at coming up with functional but also pretty storage!


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