Occasionally, I Actually Like My Job…

-Today, we received a large envelope full of thank you notes from the school kids from Arlington who came all the way out to the Wee Historic Beastie on a field trip last week.  They are so freaking cute.  And seriously, if all children were like these kids, I wouldn’t hate children quite so much!  They were awesome!  And I can’t wait to show the thank you notes to M and our volunteer J.  🙂

-Also, just got an email from HQ, saying that the executive director of the organization that oversees the Wee Historic Beastie got both me and M $50 gift cards for Thanksgiving!  *squee!*  Almost makes up for the fact that the Christmas party is going to be wicked lame and in the middle of the day–seriously, who has a Christmas party that starts at 12:30pm?  😛


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