Here and There

-At the Wee Historic Beastie today:

Me:  Do you know if [swanky restaurant in Middleburg] does gift certificates?

M:  *shurgs*  I would assume that they do…

Me:  I mean, rich people give each other gift certificates too, don’t they?


-Also, I made an amazing discovery at Target today:  I DON’T look like a fat cow in skinny jeans!  *boggles*  I have to admit, this was the first time I’d even been able to bring myself to try a pair on, because I just assumed that they would look horrible on me because I’ve got big hips, a huge ass, and giant thighs.  But I’d seen so many other chicks pull them off, that I finally caved and gave the skinny jeans a try.  And was amazed at how decent they looked!  So now I can add a pair to my “I’m Visiting My Parents in the Sticks for Christmas, and I Want to Impress All the Hicks With My Great Urban Fashion Sense” shopping list.  Along with a great pair of pointy-toe stilettos (because those are totally practical for December in South Dakota!  :-P).  And a new cute carry-on bag…



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