Pink Baskets and Coffee Shop Fetishes

I’ve been needing some way of controlling the clutter on my bathroom vanity for a while now, and so far my bathroom has been lacking in the hot pink–but no longer!  Well, “no longer” once the basket finished drying.  Because this afternoon, it was boring beige.  Then I busted out the spray paint, and gave the basket a few coats (and got started painting my two natural wood chairs white…but I ran out of white spray paint half way through the first chair–oops!)  So tomorrow I will finally have a catch-all basket for the makeup and face wash and other crap that is currently scattered across the counter in my bathroom.

Also today, I took advantage of having the day off (well, I declared it a day off…I can already tell this whole making my own schedule thing now that the Wee Historic Beastie is closed for the season is going to be a problem for that whole getting work done.) and went into the city.  I metroed to Union Station and walked around the northern edge of Capitol Hill (around H St, NE), gazing longingly at any building with a “for sale” or “for rent” sign in front of it…and a bunch of boarded-up buildings too.  I also finally got coffee at Ebenezer’s, a coffee shop that I’ve known of for at least a couple of years, but had never managed to get to (I try to avoid the area around Union Station, because it’s usually a cluster-fuck).  It was very nice, and yay for restoring and reusing old buildings!  But it seemed to fall into the same form that I’ve seen at pretty much every coffee shop around here, be it a Starbucks or an independent place–the sterile and overly-modern/hip atmosphere.  The furnishings all match–they’re all very modern, all newer, and all obviously designed to create the official “coffee shop atmosphere”.  Everything’s just too slick and doesn’t look well-used or well-loved.  It’s no bad…it’s just not very warm or comfortable.  But maybe the clientelle that most coffee shops are catering to is comfortable in that atmosphere.  It’s just not the look or feel that I’d want for my coffee shop.  😛

Seriously, while I’m visiting my parents for Christmas next month, I am totally taking pictures of the wonderful coffee shop there, just so I can show people what I think of when I think of a coffee shop!  🙂

Also, wandering around Capitol Hill just made me miss living in DC even more.  😦


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