Still Alive…ish

Lizzie!  In a box!

I really am mostly still alive.  Keeping busy with the multiple jobs, longing to move back into the District, trying to get my lazy ass in gear to get my end-of-season reports put together for the Wee Historic Beastie…and stressing about taking my car in for its inspections tomorrow.  Eeep!  All I’ve been hearing is how much more strict VA is than DC on car inspections, so I’m terrified that it won’t pass (because it’s kind of a piece of crap), and that I’ll have to sink more money that I don’t have into it.  Ack!  So fingers crossed.

Also, I have super glue all over my fingers (I had to glue part of the cloth ceiling cover of my car back up this afternoon..yes, my car is that amazingly ghetto) and it’s driving me freaking batty!  *rubs at them some more*

And yes, my life is just that exciting right now.  😛


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