A Pair of Scissors (Also, I Own a LOT of Black Shoes)

I just cut my own hair.  Yes, I am just that cool.  I did it once about 6 months back, and then just sort of let my hair go (it’s insanely slow-growing).  But now that I’m headed to visit the ‘rents in less than a week, I figured that I needed to do something about the crazy mass of crazy.  So I took off about 3 inches.  And tomorrow or the next day, I’m dying it black again.  Because I love nothing more than freaking out South Dakotans (and I prefer my hair black…actually, one of my good friends looked at my hair the other day and said “Is your hair turning brown?”  I had to inform her that brown is actually my natural color.  Shows how often my hair actually is brown!)

Also went to Ikea today, and I am incredibly proud of myself that I made it out with nothing that wasn’t on my list, and spent less than $100!  I’m just sad that it looks like they might be discontinuing the awesome hot pink round rug that I wanted to get for my bathroom (both the Woodbridge and College Park Ikeas were out of it!)  But I did finally get some black sheer curtains for my bedroom, and a shoe rack for near my front door (for the past 6 months I’ve just had a pile of shoes just inside my front door…not exactly classy).  With all my shoes (well, the shoes that I wear most often…all of my shoes wouldn’t fit on the rack!) on the rack, I’m reminded of the fact that I do not own a single pair of shoes that are not black.  I’m nothing if not predictable!  But black is so versatile!  And classy!

At Ikea I also got some awesome hot pink picture frames, and I printed out some black and white pictures of claw-foot bathtubs to frame.  Now I want to hang them up in my bathroom, but something tells me that my neighbors would strongly disapprove of me hammering nails in at 10:40pm.  😛


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