I was supposed to have a wicked busy evening tonight!  I was supposed to have dinner with a friend, and then go into the city to see a band with another friend.  But then both of them got sick and had to bail, so I’m sitting in my apartment, bored.  Hrmph.

But I have done a little bit more decorating (yay extra money from the holiday job!)

Hot pink Ikea frames + black and white images of claw foot tubs = I finally have something on the wall in my bathroom!

Do you get the feeling that I’m obsessed with DC?  You would be correct!  Another Ikea frame and a pink version of the DC flag (that I whipped up in Word!  :-P)

Still not 100% happy with it, but at least I finally got rid of the awful curtain rod and curtains left behind by the previous tenants!  (And yes, that’s a half-painted chair you see at my disaster of a craft table–I ran out of spray paint!  I’ll finish it eventually!)

I’m also lusting after some other things from Ikea, but those will have to wait until after my trip home–I’m supposed to fly out at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t get as much snow as they’re predicting!

Final thought:  I just realized that I didn’t have Brooklyn Limestone in my Google Reader!  *gasp!*  That has now been remedied.  But that got me thinking–most of the awesome decor/rennovation of urban historic house blogs seem to be focused around NYC.  While I guess that makes sense, does anyone know of any good ones from DC?  I mean, DC row houses need some love too! (And I’m not talking “gut it and make it look like a slick modern loft inside”–boo hiss!)  And you all know I love all things DC!  So are there any great blogs I’m missing?

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