The Christmas That Wasn’t

When I left off my Christmas travel saga last weekend, my flight out of DC on the 20th had been canceled because of Snowpocalypse 2009, but I’d managed to get rescheduled on a flight for the 22nd.

The morning of the 22nd, I got on said flight, latte in hand, and hunkered down for two and a half hours crammed in a flying tube full of screaming babies (have I mentioned that I hate flying, especially around the holidays?).  The flight lands in Minneapolis, and I rush over to one of the screens that shows what gates flights are departing from.  And my flight to South Dakota is showing up as canceled!   !@#$&%*$^%*^)%#)@!!!!!!!!!!!

I got bounced through three or four different gate people who couldn’t be bothered to tell me anything useful, and then I finally made it to a gate where people who were trying to get into western South Dakota were waiting for a BUS.  Yes, because a nine hour bus ride through a high plains winter storm sounds like a brilliant idea.  *facpalm*

All the other flights into western South Dakota (there’s really only one airport in that half of the state) that day were canceled, and there was a major storm coming in, so the flights the following day were probably going to be canceled as well.  So my options were 1)  Sit in the Minneapolis airport for days and hope the weather clears up before the 25th, when I was scheduled to fly back to DC to watch a friend’s cat.  2)  Take the bus  *rolls eyes*  3)  Fly back to DC.

I took option #3.  And apparently, the only flights that are not massively over booked in the week before X-mas are those going into DC–the airline was able to get me on to a flight back to DC within the hour.

So about 6 hours after I left DC, I was flying back into the same gate that I had left from.  *facepalm*

At this point, it’s the 22nd of December, and I have no Christmas plans.  So I spend the 23rd moping.  And then kick my ass into gear to keep myself busy.

The 24th, I made tamales by myself for the first time–I’d made them many times with my parents growing up, but I’d never attempted them by myself (they’re a TON of work).  Aside from globs of batter ending up in the cats’ food dishes and half the tamales getting dumped in the water that was supposed to steam them, they were a pretty decent success.  And YUMMY!

The 25th, I joined in on one of the community service projects put together by the DC Jewish Community Center.  I’ve been saying for years that I’ve been wanting to do some community service stuff here in DC (I did some community service trips and such in college and loved it!), but finally I didn’t have any excuse not to!  So I spent most of the day helping paint an elementary school in SE.  It was a lot of fun (I love doing hands on stuff, and my decor and architecture nerd self had a field day), and we got a TON accomplished!

And then I worked at the Awesome Small Historic House on the 26th.  And came down with a horrible cold, which I’m still fighting.  Boo hiss.

See?  I made tamales!  And they were YUMMY!  🙂


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