Stuff Lust

I’m currently formulating my New Year’s resolutions (I know, I know…I don’t normally do them, but there’s a few things that I need to kick my butt in to gear on…), but for now, some things I’m oggling:

Lace Shopping Basket from the Container StoreI’d totally get rid of the carrying strap and use it as a storage bin–which I know I saw somewhere…ah ha!  Making it Lovely! (Why yes, my Google Reader is eating my life…why do you ask?  :-P)

Brocade Waste Can, also from the Container Store. Pretty!

Barbie Lacquer Tissue Box by Jonathan Adler. But $38 is a bit much for a tissue box cover…which I could definitely make (granted, not in lacquer, but in fabric or paper or something…*plots*)

And a few things from Ikea:

Loving this pair of posters.  A black or hot pink frame, and they’d be a great addition to any of the large blank walls that fill my apartment!

I’ve been eyeing this frame for quite a while, and I think it would look amazing over my bed (you can see it in action in Brooklyn Limestone’s office)

And now for the thing I’m lusting after that will amaze those of you who think you have my decor style figured out:

I know!  I know!  It’s an Ikea Klippan loveseat!  But I’m realizing that not only does my tiny living room not have the space for a full-size couch, but also, the small space would better lend itself to my more ornate taste being focused on accents, while keeping the larger object simple and clean.  And the Klippan is CHEAP! Though I’ve never actually sat on one…must do that next time I’m at Ikea…



  1. Oh yeah–I definitely have an Ikea obsession. I was looking at my bedroom the other day and realized that pretty much everything in there was from Ikea…hehe!

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