New Decade??

Like Highly Magnified, Thoroughly Educated, this whole new decade thing totally snuck up on me!  Now as I look back, I did a damn lot in the past 10 years!  Graduated from high shool, got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, lived in three very different places…wow!

So here’s my run-down of memories from the past 10 years:

2000:  I finish 10th and start 11th grade.  I take the ACT for the first time, and I take the PSAT.  I spend the summer working at the public library and going to nerdy programs like the South Dakota Youth Congress.  I think I might want to graduate a year early from high school.  I think that was the year I was in the pit band for the spring musical.

2001:  I finish 11th and start 12th grade.  I briefly “date” my only high school boyfriend.  I spend the summer at the University of Chicago being a nerd and taking college classes, and begin to discover how much I love Civil War nurses and HATE college english classes (and dump the guy over email).  I do SD Girls State.   My high school principle refuses to let us watch the news during classes on September 11th.  I rock the AP US History test.  I visit DC for the first time, for Presidential Classroom.  I take the ACT again, the SAT, and 3 SAT II’s (I consider taking the US History SAT II over, because I’m not happy with my 790–yes, I was that kid).  I start applying to colleges, and visit this tiny liberal arts college in western Massachusetts called Williams.  I like it well enough that I decide to apply, but Georgetown is still my first choice.

2002:  I graduate from high school.  I had a real part in the one-act play for the first (and only) time.  I get a National Merit scholarship.  I work on Senator Tim Johnson’s reelection campaign, and get threatened by crazy old men and harassed by the cops.  I visit Georgetown, and realize that I hate it.  The University of Pennsylvania shafts me on financial aid, and Williams offers to pay for grad school on top of undergrad.  I make the good/bad decision to go to Williams.  I tell South Dakota to go fuck itself and head off to Massachusetts.  I get my ass kicked by my first semester of college (especially Latin).  I’m involved in the “Band Brawl”–a fight between the Williams marching band and the Amherst wrestling team over a flag at Amherst’s homecoming–none of us get in trouble, but the crazy old alumni make us give the flag back.

2003:  I totally burn out on being active in politics.  I go to an anti-war rally in DC.  My freshman roommate is crazy, so I move into our suite common room.  I work at a museum for the first time.  I seriously consider transfering.  I do yoga for the first time, and it is awesome.

2004:  I have a major mental meltdown, and am finally diagnosed with depression and social anxiety.  I hook up with a guy friend–it doesn’t last long.  I get a reasearch fellowship and spend the summer on campus.  I play broomball, and learn bocce and curling.  I go on a community service trip to NYC and stay in a hostel for the first time.  I have a major break from my friends from the first half of college, and have to start over making new friends.

2005:  I turn 21–it’s not terribly crazy.  I start dating the guy that I would be with for a year and a half.  I begin to burn out on research, and realize that a PhD and a career as an academic historian are not for me.  I spend a semester at Gettysburg College–it’s one of my best semesters of college (though I am underwhelmed with GC in general), and we play drinking games to Civil War movies and make lots of bad Civil War jokes.  I spend another summer on campus, and apply to museum studies master’s degree programs.

2006:  I graduate from college (and am thoroughly DONE with Williams by that point).  I get honors in history (in spite of my on-going battle with the Afircan history professor over my honors thesis).  My computer dies completely the week before my thesis is due.   I get into and decide to attend the GWU museum studies MA program.  I move to DC the day after graduation.  I spend that summer doing research for Interesting Historic House.  I start grad school.  I get dumped.  I start dating a new guy on New Years Eve.  I start working for Major National Organization.

2007:  I move 3 times within DC (Foggy Bottom to Hill East to Shaw/Ledroit Park to Hill East again).  I get my two cats.  I have a little too much fun with the DC bar scene.  I discover that I hate working in Development.  I master the DC bus system.  I puke out of a moving taxi.   I go to Colonial Williamsburg for the first time.  I get cheated on and then dumped.  I have a (bad) crazy roommate, and then an awesome one.  I start becoming very interesting in urban development/planning.

2008:  I lock myself IN my apartment.  My cats are afraid of birds and cockroaches.  I have to quit my job at Major National Organization to finish grad school.  I intern and do contract work at Famous DC Site, and it is AMAZING.  I buy a car.  I finish grad school.  I move to Columbia Heights, and LOVE it.  Some of my faith in Americans is restored (election night makes me cry happy tears for the first time EVER).  I spend my first Christmas alone.  I consider getting another master’s degree (in urban planning and historic preservation).

2009:  I work as a contractor on the big Lincoln bicentennial exhibition at Famous DC Site.  I finally get my diploma from GWU.  I give tours at Major Historic House for 4 months and it makes me want to kill people.  I spend 6 months job hunting.  I finally get a job in my field, and at first it seems great…it goes downhill fast.  I reluctantly have to move out of DC, to the suburbs.  I discover that I really, REALLY hate living in the suburbs.  I hate my job almost as much as I hated working at Major Historic House.  I spend my second Christmas alone.  I rediscover the wonderfulness that is yoga.  I slowly start reconnecting with some people from high school (and find myself inadvertently flirting on Facebook with the guy I dated in high school  *facepalm*)  I continue considering that second master’s…


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