I painted a chair!  Well, actualy two chairs and a basket, and I’m about to start on a table…but this chair is finished and dry and  now back in service as my desk chair!  I’ve had these chairs forever–I bought them when I first moved to DC almost 4 years ago (Holy balls, it’ll have been in DC for four years in June!  *boggles*), and they’re just cheapo Ikea chairs that were unfinished natura pine.  Not the greatest looking, so I decided that they could use a few coats of semi-gloss white paint, and now they’re looking much better!  I’m thinking I might want to also get a chair pad for the seat (probably in black, since black and white it my main theme :-))

Now I’m excited to get started on painting my craft table…I just have to unearth it from under the piles of crap!  😛


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