Stupid Winter

Okay, it needs to stop being cold so that I can put the last coat of paint on my craft table, and attempt to paint the side table that’s going to become my under-desk storage (right now there’s just a whole lot of wasted space under the built-in desk)

I can’t open my windows while it’s freaking cold, so I can’t paint, which means I’m bored (and HGTV is showing a ton of re-runs!  Boo!), so I bake!  I made lemon bars this evening, and I’m feeling a bread-making binge coming on if we get snow like we’re supposed to this weekend.

BUT!  I did pick up my new glasses yesterday.  I’m still adjusting to them–hello NO peripheral vision thanks to very wide sides–but I’m becoming increasingly happy with them.  Now let’s see if these help cut down on all the headaches I’d been getting recently!

AND!  The jewelry designer that I’ve worked for the past two Christmas seasons is keeping my on as a regular worker “permanently” (permanently until the crap economy catches up to her, or I finally find a freaking full time job), so yay for extra money and a job where I actually interact with other human beings!  *happy flaily arms*

Okay, the fur babies are informing me that it’s time for bed, and I have a “so, where are we going now?” meeting with my boss at the Wee Historic Beastie tomorrow morning.  Fun fun.


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