I Like Old Stuff and I Cannot Lie

Just a couple of pics of an old apartment building in DC that I’m coveting right now.  One bedroom units in the building run about the same as what I’m paying for my condo out in Vienna right now, and are pretty bare-bones (no central A/C, no dishwasher, communal laundry room, etc), but SO PRETTY! (and I’m thinking more and more that I’m willing to give up conveniences like a dishwasher in exchange for cool old details and a great location in DC–I could seriously go on forever about how much I hate living in the ‘burbs!)  The original details totally make me think of what my old building in Columbia Heights probably looked like before it was renovated–seriously, they have the exact same inlaid two-tone wood floors and molding and original doors!  Also, balconies, which are pretty hard to come by in old buildings!  This building is also in an awesome location, but because of that, it rarely has openings.

But still–old apartment building lust!

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