Half-Assed Gourmet

(Those ugly yellowish dishes are not my usual ones–I needed to run the dishwasher, so all the ones that match the black and white bowl were dirty!)

I love to cook.  I’m also a lazy-ass single 20-something who lives by herself.  Which means that when I cook, it often becomes a battle of making what I have on hand work for what I want to make.

For example, while snowed in this weekend, I remembered that I had part of a giant bag of fish sticks in my freezer.  This made me think of fish tacos (because nothing says fish tacos like 2+ feet of snow!), so I decided to make it work.

I love making my own corn tortillas (they’re also wicked easy, if a bit time-consuming), so whipping those up was no problem.  The fish sticks went into the oven, I chopped up half of an avocado I’d bought a few days ago, and I got out my bag of mixed greens (which were standing in for cabbage, which I didn’t have on hand).  Then I searched around on the internet to find a recipe for the sauce.  Except there was one problem:  I didn’t have any limes or lime juice on hand!  So lemon juice had to substitute.

And that’s all that went into the spread pictured above!  It was pretty damn good, though next time I want to actually use cabbage, and oh did I miss the lime juice (lemon really didn’t cut it).


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